Undecided Major

Top Five Things to Know as an Exploratory (Undecided) PCPS Major

  1. Exploration: There are many different ways to explore possible major pathways: courses, clubs, volunteering, interviewing others, trial and error. The goals are to have one possible path identified per semester and to change to another major by the end of freshman year.
  2. Minimum grades: Students should be aware of minimum grade requirements for any major that are considering. A general rule of thumb is that you must have a "C" or better for sciences and major-specific courses.
  3. Declaring/switching major: Students must have earned the minimum overall GPA for the major they intend ro declare before entering that major. This policy is in place to ensure that you are capable of meeting the demands of that major before progressing any further.
  4. Common paths taken by undecided students: The most popular majors which our exploratory students declare include Health Administration, Counseling and Human Services, Early and Primary Education, Community Health Education / Health Promotion, and Communication (CAS).
  5. Community Based Learning: Like all other students in PCPS, exploratory students are required to complete community based learning across their four years. Those hours are broken down like this:
Year Hours Description
First Year 10 Five hours stem from our annual blessing of the books. Students are encouraged to start now in collecting new children's books to donate in the fall. The other five hours stems from attending the PCPS lecture and disability conference.
Sophomore *20 Major Specific
Junior *20 Major Specific
Senior *30 Major Specific
*Hours may be less depending on the major which the student eventually pursues.

Key Resources for Exploratory Students

Advising Center (MGH 111) - You can talk with an advisor about program requirements, extracurricular activities, accelerated program, and other academic resources to utilize.
Center for Career Development (Ciszek Hall) - You can learn about possible career paths, identify strengths and interests, review job materials (resume, cover letter, etc) and prep for interviews.
PASS (MGH 4th Floor) - Exploratory student counseling to evaluate ways to identify possible majors of interest and brainstorm avenues to explore. Also assists in academic and social support. Students are referred by the Advising Center.
Contact Information:
Program Director: Mr. Kevin Curry
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