Kania School of Management Writing Policy

Business students must demonstrate professional writing skills. To this end, all written assignments must meet minimal standards to be acceptable. These standards address spelling, punctuation, format and basic grammar. Specifically, errors include:

  1. Each different word misspelled,
  2. Each sentence fragment,
  3. Each run-on sentence or comma splice,
  4. Each mistake in capitalization,
  5. Each serious error in punctuation that obscures meaning,
  6. Each error in verb tense or subject/verb agreement,
  7. Lack of conformity with assignment format,
  8. Each improper citation or lack of citation, where one is needed.

Papers with more than four errors marked by the instructor on any one page, or more than ten for the entire document, will be returned to the student without a grade. Students may submit a revised paper within 24 hours, though the maximum grade for that assignment will be reduced by a 10% penalty. If the number of errors in the revised paper still exceeds the limit allowed, the paper will again be returned ungraded. Students may submit a second revision within 24 hours, but the maximum grade will be reduced by 25%. No further resubmission will be allowed.

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