Business Area

The Business Area of Study is designed for students who know that they want to study business but are not ready to select a specific major upon entering college. Each year, about half of the freshmen entering the Kania School of Management start as business area students.

This program provides incoming freshmen the opportunity to explore business programs without declaring a specific major. Business area freshmen attend a special freshmen seminar that explores business majors and careers. Business freshmen with majors attend freshmen seminars that are specific to that major. All freshmen seminars explore individual understanding and expectations of higher education and promote awareness of and reflection upon each student's personal goals for the college experience. The seminar also aims to help students integrate their personal and academic values and goals with the missions and goals of a Jesuit university.

Selecting Business Area as a freshmen does not lock you into choosing only from business majors. You will be able to select the program best suited to your individual talents and career preferences. You can combine many non-business majors with a business minor.

Students in Business Area will select courses in consultation with advisors in the Kania School of Management Academic Advising Center. The curriculum follows the business core that all business students take during their first two years of study. The business core consists of courses that are needed to establish a solid foundation for study in any specific major in business.

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