The Kania School of Management

"Don't go to Harvard, but to the Business School at The University of Scranton, where they are changing lives."

Peter Drucker, Father of Modern Management

In the Kania School of Management (KSOM), we offer highly innovative business programs that incorporate the latest technological applications and are sharply focused on educating the whole person for a lifetime of success. This dual focus on being on the cutting-edge of teaching and following the Jesuit principle of 'Cura Personalis' – care of the whole person -- informs and directs everything we do.

At KSOM, whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student, in one of our many graduate programs, you can expect small class sizes and have faculty and staff who are concerned not only about your educational goals and aspirations but about you as a person.

KSOM offers the diversity and flexibility to meet every student goals. Our programs in accounting, business analytics, finance, operations, marketing, business administration, economics, international business, and management are among the finest anywhere.

They reflect our student learning goals by integrating business concepts across functional areas, require students to think critically, and understand the ethical, social justice, and environmental implications of business activities. This emphasis is at the core of our mission as a Jesuit business school to seek excellence and educate men and women for others.

Here is our Royal Pledge to You:

R –  You will be treated with Respect as you become part of an inclusive and diverse community of men and women for others.

O – You will have the Opportunity to network with alumni, learn from them, and receive career guidance from them.

Y –   You are at the center of all we do at KSOM. The faculty and staff are committed to providing YOU with a student centric environment for you to grow as a person.

A – You will learn from talented faculty that will help you Achieve academic success and help you begin your career in the field of your choice.

L –   You will be given the opportunity to develop your Leadership skills through a variety of student organizations and classroom experience.

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