Using a Turnitin Enabled Dropbox

A Turnitin enabled dropbox allows students and faculty to submit papers and run originality reports to see if these papers contain plagiarism or similarities to other work. To create a new Turnitin dropbox:

  1. Navigate to the course where the new Turnitin enabled drop box is needed, click on Dropbox in the navigation bar, and then New Folder.
  2. Give the dropbox a name and then Save the dropbox.
  3. Under the Evaluation & Feedback pane click Manage Turnitin. Click the checkbox for Enable Similarity Report for this folder. 
  4. If desired, check Allow learners to see turnitin similarity scores in their dropbox folder. NOTE: Most student originality reports are displayed in their respective Turnitin dropbox in 5 to 10 minutes. However, if the same paper is resubmitted, there is a mandatory 24 hour wait before the new originality report is displayed.
  5. If you want to use the Online Grading feature, click the checkbox for Enable Online Grading for this folder.
  6. Click the More Options button to show advanced originality checking options. Help for all features can be found under the question mark icon "?" for each feature.
  7. Click Save to save all Turnitin originality report options.
  8. Click Save and Close. You have successfully chosen the most important settings for the dropbox.

After receiving student submissions, return to the Brightspace dropbox and click on the title of a student paper to view the originality report and begin to review papers.

For further assistance with Turnitin, please contact Brian Snapp or Aileen McHale.
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