Message from the President

Rev. Scott R. Pilarz. S.J.
Rev. Scott R. Pilarz. S.J.

As the University plans for the future and reviews the years’ accomplishments, three key themes in our Liberal Arts characteristics and goals as a Jesuit Institution in the Catholic intellectual tradition address academic integrity. That we:

  • Impart the importance of gathering, evaluating, disseminating and applying information;
  • Provide learning experiences that include interactions and synthesis; and
  • Promote a lifelong commitment to learning and ethical decision-making.

To educate each student about the importance of academic integrity in lifelong learning, the University has implemented an Academic Integrity Tutorial that will be taken by all Freshmen and Transfer students each summer before beginning classes. The purpose of this tutorial is to promote academic integrity by increasing students' awareness of the issues and offering dilemmas/strategies to protect themselves from academic dishonesty situations. Faculty can use it as an educational resource to supplement their classroom discussions on academic integrity.

As new members of the University’s community of scholars, embrace your first steps toward a lifelong commitment to learning and the highest ethical standards. Welcome to the University of Scranton.

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