The Honor Pledge

When you sent in your acceptance of admission, you expressed your commitment to academic integrity by signing the Honor Pledge. You also recited the Pledge at New Student Convocation before classes began. Keep the Pledge in mind as you join the scholarly conversation.

Honor Pledge

I pledge upon my honor
to be faithful to the ideals of every loyal son and daughter
of The University of Scranton.
I shall strive always to increase my spirit of faith,
to enrich my character
by contributing my gifts and talents to be a person "for others,"
and to seek excellence in the pursuit of knowledge.
In the pursuit of the high ideals and rigorous standards of academic life,
I commit myself to respect and uphold
The University of Scranton Academic Code of Honesty:
to be honest in any academic endeavor,
and to conduct myself honorably as a responsible member
of The University of Scranton community.
As represented by this flame,
I commit myself to
"go forth and set the world on fire."
In return I ask of The University of Scranton,
its faculty, staff and alumni and my fellow students
to accord me the privilege of induction into the Class of 2018.
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