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Health Insurance

The Office of Global Education (OGE) strongly recommends that F-1 students are covered by adequate health insurance. It is vital that all students be covered by adequate health insurance and be knowledgeable about accessing that coverage.  Expenses associated with unexpected serious illness or injury can have a great impact on college financial plans if health insurance coverage is absent or inadequate.  For an undergraduate student, with the exception of prescription medications, immunizations and tuberculosis screening, all health services offered on campus are covered by University fees.  However, care by community providers such as laboratory, x-ray, private physicians/specialists in the community, hospital emergency department visits or hospital admission,are subject to private payment or insurance coverage. 

The Department of State requires all Exchange Visitors (J-1) to be covered by adequate health and accident insurance while in this country.  With the changes in the healthcare system in the US, and for the best interest of the students, The University requires all exchange students to purchase health insurance when they arrive through The University’s plan with GeoBlue Insurance, which costs approximately $520 per semester. This health insurance cost will be included in the exchange student‘s account when the student arrives. 

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