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International students in both F-1 and J-1 visa types have permission to find on-campus employment, also known as work-study. Work-study employment is limited to twenty working hours per week. On campus employment is generally very competitive and, in many situations, is awarded to students based on financial need, determined by the United States Department of Education. These positions are reserved exclusively for American students.  Students should not expect to support their tuition and living expenses through an on-campus employment as these positions typically do not pay more than $7.50 per hour. Once a student graduates, he/she is no longer eligible to hold a work-study position.


Students interested in off-campus employment should seek advice and approval from the Office of Global Education staff before working off-campus. The three types of off-campus employment are:

Applications for CPT and OPT employment can be accessed by clicking the above bulleted points. Students would be required to have completed 2 regular semesters before being eligible to apply for off campus employement. Students who are required to go off campus for practicum, clinicals or residency will need to apply for CPT and has the CPT form completed and approved prior to going off campus.

International students may not accept any form of paid/unpaid employment, including internships, without consulting the Director of The Office of Global Education.
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