Advisory Board

The Ellacuría Initiative is led by a director with a graduate assistant and supported by an advisory board comprised of faculty, staff, and students from across the University:

Teresa Grettano, English & Theatre, Director of The Ellacuría Initiative
Stas W. Postowski, Business Administration, Graduate Assistant
Michael Bermudez, Occupational Therapy
Tiffany Bordanada, Counseling and Human Services
Chris Haw, Theology
Ozgur Isil, Operations Management 
Christian Krokus, Theology
Tata Mbugua, Education
Jessica Nolan, Psychology (sabbatical 2021-22)
Cathy Seymour, Campus Ministries’ Center for Service & Social Justice
Billie Tadros, English & Theatre
Gretchen Van Dyke, Political Science
Donna Witek, Weinberg Memorial Library