Maggie Ruskowski


Name Maggie Ruskowski           
Major Health Administration with a Business Minor
Year Senior (Class of 2015)

Where did you do your internship? 
I did my internship at Allied Services Integrated Health System, located in Clarks Summit, PA.

Time period for the internship / Number of hours?
I did my internship during the spring semester of 2014. I had to complete 120 hours, which totaled about 10-15 hours per week.

Responsibilities/Duties as an intern?
As an intern, I worked directly with the Assistant Vice President, primarily in the advancement aspect. I had several responsibilities, such as:

  1. Contacted local organizations, giving the organizations the opportunity to donate to Allied Services’ April Showers Ball.
  2. Helped raise over $50,000 for Allied Services’ adult patients, who will receive training and employment from Allied Services’ Burnley Employment and Rehabilitation Services.
  3. Conducted research to creatively find more ways that Allied Services could improve their online presence to become more appealing to perspective patients; in hopes of making Allied Services more marketable.
  4. Assisted the Assistant Vice President to plan the Disability Employment and College Fair for students with special needs, which provided valuable post-graduation information to over 500 students and their families.

My entire internship experience was a positive one. I am extremely fortunate to intern at Allied Services. It truly allowed me to love the major that I’m in. I gained knowledge and experience in the marketing and advancement aspect of health care, which I didn’t know much about until my internship. I worked with amazing people, who appreciated all the work that I did for Allied Services. They really made an effort to make my internship the best. 

Skills you have developed. 
My internship at Allied Services really strengthened my communication skills. I had to communicate with the patients, their family members, the community that Allied Services served, and the executive staff of Allied Services. The patients had various disabilities, so I became more knowledgeable of the terminologies that described the patients’ health and their treatment. My internship also instilled confidence within me to work with well-known health professionals and executives.

Describe the environment. 
I worked directly with 5 individuals in the corporate office of Allied Services. However, I worked for the entire organization, both in the clinical and nonclinical fields. The environment was extremely comfortable and welcoming.

How has your internship changed you?
My internship has allowed me to appreciate the nonclinical aspect of health care. Health care facilities, especially Allied Services, wouldn’t be successful without the hard work and diligence of the departments of marking, management, finance, etc. My internship has motivated me to work even harder so that I can get a full time job at a place as prestigious as Allied Services.

What steps did you take in seeking out this internship? 
I talked to my professors about places that I could intern that are relatively close to The University of Scranton. After we constructed a list of places, I called and emailed the organizations. The key to my internship was networking because I got an interview because of someone I knew.

Did Career Services help you search for or secure your internship?  
Definitely. Career Services helped me create an appropriate resume and cover letter, which complimented the services that Allied Services provided. I had a mock interview with Betty Rozelle, who provided me with constructive criticism. Betty helped me with everything, from creating the best resume to picking out my professional interview attire.

Any recommendations for students looking to start the internship process. 
Network! It truly is all about who you know. Talk to Career Services and professors who can give you a direct contact with an organization that you want to intern at! Seek advice from older students in your major, who can provide more insight!


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