Honors and Special Programs

The University of Scranton offers a range of honors and special programs that can enhance and complement your academic experience.

University Honors Program

The University Honors Program stresses independent work, giving our most able students the opportunity to work one-on-one with professors. Students develop tutorials and projects that are uniquely theirs. Example topics include: Jewish Philosophy, French-language, Theological Issues, Swordplay for the Stage, Ovarian Microcirculation, Privacy in Cyberspace, and Pain Intensity.

The Frank P. Corcione Business Honors Program

This selective program is geared toward highly motivated undergraduate students interested in pursuing academic excellence in business. The academic curriculum is designed to promote and develop the business skills needed for success. Students undertake four years of honors studies in the areas of economics, entrepreneurship, operations management, accounting, finance, international business, marketing and management. The program also focuses on personal development through a series of extracurricular activities in the areas of service and career building. 

The Robert L. McKeage Business Leadership Honors Program

The Robert L. McKeage Business Leadership Honors Program helps students from all majors develop the talents and skills necessary to succeed in a variety of leadership settings, especially in the world of business. This highly selective program accepts 15 sophomores each spring to explore the basic theories and concepts of leadership through special seminars and courses in management, ethics, strategy and analysis. Hands-on activities include field trips to learn from top executives and projects in leadership, service and mentoring. In the mentorship phase, students work with community business leaders on the application of theory to real-world problems.

The Magis Honors Program in STEM

The Magis Honors program provides our undergraduate students with a more intense, interdisciplinary experience of research in STEM fields. Participants are enrolled in a special first-year seminar and a series of 1.5 credit seminar courses culminating in a senior thesis project.

The Special Jesuit Liberal Arts Program

The Special Jesuit Liberal Arts Honors Program is available to between 50 and 60 of our most qualified freshmen each year. Those who are selected to join SJLA fulfill their general education credits in a community atmosphere that encourages excellence and service to others. Students develop enhanced writing, oral and critical-thinking skills through specially designed courses in philosophy, theology and literature. This challenging program is ideally suited for non-humanities majors, including those in the pre-med and pre-law programs who are looking for a more focused approach in the liberal arts. 

The Faculty Student Research Program

The Faculty Student Research Program allows students to probe a topic in-depth through one-on-one collaboration with a professor. After being matched with faculty members who have similar research interests, students work under the guidance of their faculty mentor. About 200 students each year take advantage of this opportunity to gain experience and build their credentials.

Study Abroad

Our international Study Abroad programs offers learning opportunities that reach beyond the traditional campus environment to tap into the global community. Students from many different majors benefit from the fresh perspective that comes from living and learning in another country. Options include a year or semester at a host-country institution, or a faculty-lead study abroad course that involves several weeks of travel. Many students have completed minors or internships while abroad.

Scranton's Fulbright Success Story

The University's success with Fulbright Awards has everyone talking. Since 1972, 129 Scranton students have earned the highly competitive Fulbright award for advanced study and research abroad, and other international fellowships. This may well be a national record for schools of our size. The late U.S. Senator J. William Fulbright called it "an impressive achievement." U.S. News and World Report noted the University’s "extraordinary success."

Summer Research Fellowships

Summer Research Fellowships are awarded to undergraduate research scholars who have been nominated by faculty mentors for these stipends, which allow them to expand their scholarly work and to focus on their research over the summer months. Acceptance into the program is based on academic achievement and the quality of the student’s research proposal.

Office of Fellowship Programs

If you're interested in applying for coveted research fellowships and scholarships, the Office of Fellowship Programs can help guide you through the application process. The Office prepares students to compete for a range of fellowships and scholarships, including the Rhodes, Marshall, Goldwater, Truman, Madison and Ford fellowships, as well as the National Science Foundation and National Security Education Program grants.

Honor Societies

We recognize the achievement of our students through membership in one of more than 30 national honor societies representing a range of academic disciplines.

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