Carly Murphy

Name: Carly Murphy 
Major:  Marketing. Communications minor
Year: 2016 

Where did you do your internship?
Race-West Company – a brokerage for produce - in Clarks Summit, PA. 

Time period for the internship / Number of hours?
May 2014- May 2015. During the fall and spring semesters, I worked 10 hours per week. On school breaks (i.e Thanksgiving, Christmas, Intercession, and Spring Break), I would increase my hours to around 20-30 hours per week. 

Responsibilities/Duties as an intern
At the start of my internship, I was just beginning to learn about the produce industry. I was doing the bulk of the organizational tasks such as sorting through past orders for information and filing documents. As I began to understand the business more, I was given a more important and involved tasks such as calling suppliers to make requests, developing the company social-media plan, and attending company conference meetings. 

Positive- This internship experience allowed me to gauge what my real interests are and where I see myself long-tem.
Negatives – This internship was not one that gave me experience in my currently field, yet I would not have discovered my true interests had I not accepted and completed this internship.

Skills you have developed.
Through this internship, I gained incredible communication, verbal, and problem solving skills. I spoke with suppliers and/or customers daily. I learned professionalism and the ins and outs of a business setting. 

Describe the environment.
The environment at Race-West is busy, yet very comfortable. Everyone is very welcoming and kind – I felt right at home and that made for an even more pleasant internship experience. 

How has your internship changed you?
This internship has given me the opportunity to apply what have been learning in the classroom to a workplace setting. It has given me a new perspective on how to take what I am studying and apply it to the business field.  Because of this, I have found even more meaning in my business courses, and also meaning in the internship position. I am more confident as a student after completing this internship.

What steps did you take in seeking out this internship?
I was a sophomore and seeking a summer internship in the business/marketing field. I was on high alert for any internships or postings made available  - particularly by Career Services.

Did Career Services help you search for or secure your internship?
Career Services is absolutely the reason I was able to find and secure this internship. Thanks to a Career Services Career Fair, I was able to meet a recruiter from Race-West Company and talk with her about the internship position. After that, I applied and accepted the position. After telling Cheryl Collarini, - Career Relations Manager - about my new internship, Cheryl would check in with me periodically throughout my entire internship to see how things were going. I am so grateful for her and the entire Career Services faculty for their efforts to help students like me find an internship – and show attentiveness enough to remember our achievements months later.

Any recommendations for students looking to start the internship process.
I recommend searching for internships ASAP. It is never too early. The sooner you start, the sooner you learn what your strengths, weaknesses, and interests are. I learned all three of these things from this internship experience. Prior to applying for an internship, I recommend making an appointment at Career Services to create/revise your resume and cover letter. If you’re invited to an interview, I would recommend scheduling a mock interview with Career Services as a way to prepare.

Other interesting items about you and your background and interests.
Though my internship at Race-West, I found that my interests were not in general business or logistics, but in more of the creative side of business: marketing. I began to look more deeply into the marketing and advertising field and found that this field is where I am meant to be. I currently am loving my marketing and advertising courses, starting a business of my own with a partner, and doing private marketing consulting for my first client! I couldn’t be happier. I’m so grateful for all Career Services has done in helping me reach this point.


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