Amanda Sonzogni

Name: Amanda Sonzogni
Major: Double Major: Marketing & Entrepreneurship
Year: 2015 

Where did you do your internship?
Dress for Success, Havas Worldwide and Goldman Sachs 

Time period for the internship / Number of hours?
Dress for Success: Sophomore Year (~100 hrs)

Havas Worldwide: Junior Year Intersession (~160 hrs)

Goldman Sachs: Summer before Senior year/May-August (~500 hrs)

Responsibilities/Duties as an intern
Dress for Success: Created social media sites to promote involvement, donations and support. Interacted with clients to find them professional attire for them to enter the workplace. 

Havas Worldwide: Aided in the planning of the company’s annual Global Leadership Conference that was being hosted in New York City.

Goldman Sachs: Worked in the operations division within the mortgage backed securities team. Helped to monitor and fix exceptions in support of the mortgage-trading desk. Developed subdivision department depth charts to highlight team dependencies on certain functions.

Dress for Success: Positive: Developed marketing and human resource skills. Negatives: unpaid due to being a nonprofit.

Havas Worldwide: Positive: Developed event planning skills. Paid. Negative: Long commute from home location. Less organized internship since it was only during intersession.

Goldman Sachs: Developed operations and time management skills. Networking opportunities with high-level executives in the company. Community service opportunities. Paid. Presentations from chief executives. Negatives: Long hours, long commute if not living in the city.

Skills you have developed.
Marketing, human resources, operations, time management, communications, public speaking and leadership skills.

Describe the environment.
Dress for Success: Laid back and supportive.
Havas Worldwide: Creative and laid back
Goldman Sachs: Supportive, friendly and fun 

How has your internship changed you?
My internships have helped to develop a variety of skills that I’ve acquired while being at the University of Scranton. It was great to learn certain things in the classroom and then be able to develop them in the real world. Through my internships, I’ve matured and feel more confident in entering the real world. 

What steps did you take in seeking out this internship? 
I used Career Services to assist me in seeking out internships. My freshmen year they helped to develop my resume and prepare for the University of Scranton’s Recruiting EXPO in the fall. They also assisted me in creating a LinkedIn and connecting with alumni. When I received an interview opportunity from Goldman Sachs, I used career services to have two mock interviews before my actual interview. Both those mock interviews helped me in succeeding in my actual interview with Goldman Sachs, which led to an internship and a full time job.

Did Career Services help you search for or secure your internship?
Yes, Career Services helped me with resume making, creating a LinkedIn account, connecting with alumni and having mock interviews.  (similar to answer in questions above)

Any recommendations for students looking to start the internship process.
Use Career Services to help you in seeking out internships and job opportunities! All of their services are free for students to use and meant to help. Without Career Services, I would have felt less confident in my resume and less prepared for my interviews. Thankfully, I felt at ease when I knew I could go to someone to perfect my resume and listen to my interview answers. Go Career Services!

Other interesting items about you and your background and interests.
Thank you Frank Gilmartin for being my mock interviewer and preparing me for my Goldman Sachs internship interview! Because of Career Services I was offered a position into a company that is harder than Harvard to get accepted into!


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