Undergraduate Payment Options

The University recommends families develop a financing plan for all expected years of attendance.  First, whenever practical, make a payment to the University of Scranton from savings and current income therefore reducing the total amount financed.  Second, apply for the Nelnet Payment Program where monthly payments can be made instead of making lump sum payments. Third, students apply for the Federal Direct Stafford Loan Program. Fourth, parents review and apply for the Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan Program.  Fifth, review and apply for an Alternative Loan Program.  Families can do a combination of a payment plan and loans to meet the remaining expenses or part of the expenses and reduce the debt.  Do not over borrow.  Review the information below.

The University recommends the following steps to finance a Scranton Education 

  1. Payment to The University of Scranton
  2. Nelnet Business Solutions Monthly Payment Program
  3. Federal Direct Stafford Loan Program
  4. Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan Program
  5. Alternative Loans

1819 Family Financing Plan (FFP) Worksheet (might not work in firefox)