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Pakistani Students

University of Scranton offers a scholarship to a Pakistani student who is interested in studying for his or her MBA (Master of Business Administration) or MHA (Master of Health Administration) education. The terms of the scholarship are as follows.

1. The candidate must be a citizen of Pakistan and must not have a permanent residence status in USA.

2. The current value of the scholarship is $8970, which is equivalent to the tuition fee for 10 credit hours plus $100.

3. The candidate must get admission in one of the following two on-campus programs: MBA or MHA. The scholarship is not available for on-line programs.

4. To qualify for the MBA scholarship, the candidate must have a score of at least 550 in GMAT.

5. To qualify for the MHA scholarship, the candidate must have the MBBS degree from a recognized medical college in Pakistan.

6. The candidate should show a commitment to help others.

The previous recipients of this award are:

Sameer Shahid (MBA, 2004)

Faraz Shahid Khan (MBA, 2005)

Rizwan Haider (MBA, 2005)

Syed Hasan Jafree (MBA, 2005)

Syed Tauseef Ahmad (MBA, 2011)


The current scholarship holder is Asad Imran Akram.

For additional information, please send an email to Riaz Hussain.

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