Selected Publications


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  • Cann, M. C. and Connelly, M. E.,* Real-World Cases in Green Chemistry, American Chemical Society, Washington, D.C., 2000.

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  • Cann, C.W., Sebastianelli, R. and Cann, M.C., "Examining Environmental Sustainability Efforts: A Preliminary Survey." Proceedings of the 34th Annual Meeting of the Northeast Decision Sciences Institute. Philadelphia, PA, March 2005

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Web Publications

  • Cann, Michael C., “An Introduction to Green Chemistry,” intro.html, 2000.
  • Cann, Michael C., “ATOM ECONOMY: A Measure of the Efficiency of a Reaction,” organicmodule.html, 2000.
  • Cann, Michael C., “ANTIFOULANTS (Marine Pesticides),” environmentalmodule.html, 2000.


* Indicates student co-author.

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