Medical Parking Exceptions

The University of Scranton is an urban campus with limited parking available. However, sufficient parking is available to meet the demands of our students, faculty, and staff including individuals with disabilities.

Handicapped Parking

Faculty, staff, and students with physical disabilities may apply at the Parking Services Office for a handicapped parking sticker. Appropriate documentation may be required in accordance with guidelines of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Parking spaces are reserved exclusively for those persons whose vehicles bear a University of Scranton handicapped permit or visitors whose vehicles bear a permit, placard, or special license plate issued by state or federal authority. These spaces are marked with blue and white handicapped signs.

See the Campus Parking Map for handicap spots on campus.

*Any parking related problems, complaints, suggestions, or compliments should be referred to the Parking Service Manager, Parking Pavilion, 820 Mulberry Street, Scranton PA 18510.

Medical Exception

First Year and Sophomore Resident Students are not permitted to bring a vehicle to The University of Scranton or to have access to a vehicle within the City of Scranton limits, however a student may request a Medical Exception to The University of Scranton parking policy.

1. Students requesting a medical exception to the parking policy will be required to complete the Request for Medical Parking Exception Form. Download the form, fill out the student section, save the form and forward it to your medical provider. The medical provider can email the completed form to or return the form to you so you can upload it to the Accommodate system. If the medical provider submits the form via email, the form will be uploaded to your account in Accommodate by an Office of Equity and Diversity (OED) staff member.  If you receive the form from your medical professional, you must access Accommodate and upload the form yourself.

  • Documentation should be current and consist of an evaluation by an appropriate physician or health care provider that describes the current functional impact of the condition or disability as it relates to the accommodation requested.
  • The physician/health care provider cannot be a family member.
  • The University of Scranton reserves the right to request additional documentation if the information does not address the student’s current level of functioning, or substantiate the need for modifications or accommodations.

2.The ADA Committee will review the information received from your health care provider and decide to grant or deny the accommodation. If your medical parking exception request is approved by the ADA Committee, you will be notified by email of their decision.

3. If the ADA Committee approves the exception for the semester, students will then be required to complete the necessary paperwork and pay the fee for the semester through Parking Services. At this time, students will be given instructions by the OED on how to contact Catherine Sanderson in Parking Services to finalize the process.

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