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Who is encouraged to apply?

Current Sophomores in the class of 2015 are encouraged to apply in the Spring of 2013.  Application materials must be submitted by Friday, April 5, 2013.

What is the approximate time commitment for this opportunity?

Students who are selected to be Alumni Liaisons should plan on spending 4-6 hours per month on related activities. Additionally, you would be expected to attend Alumni Board of Governors meetings which occur quarterly and also alumni events such as Alumni Reunion Weekend. 

How long do students serve as Alumni Liaisons?

Students serve as Alumni Liaisons the summer of the sophomore year, and ends upon graduation. During their junior year, Alumni Liaisons in the same class work together to recruit and organize their class committee. After graduation, they continue to serve as members of their class committees, providing a strong network between their classmates, The Alumni Society, and the Univeristy.

What is expected of the Alumni Liaisons staff/faculty sponsor?

A recommendation and a follow up phone call if more information about the applicant is needed.

Where are the quarterly Alumni Board of Governors meetings held?

There are four alumni board meetings held each year.  They often occur in union with other campus events such as Reunion and Family Weekend.

Where do working Alumni Board committees meet? And how often?

 Committees meet as part of the Quarterly Board Meetings and via conference phone between meetings. Meetings take place (at the most) monthly.
How often are Alumni Liaisons expected to attend regional alumni events?

Regional alumni events take place 12 months of the year in collaboration with Alumni Clubs in NY, NJ, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Connecticut and Scranton. We can have anywhere from 5-10 events per month, and the events requiring student attendance would be determined by our staff based on the location, whether the type of event warranted student participation, and of course the student's availability.

If you have additional questions please contact Kristi Cordier '09, Class Affinity Coordinator, 570-941-6669 or kristin.cordier@scranton.edu.

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