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This web site was prepared to provide you with a brief, but comprehensive overview of your Alumni Society and to answer the often asked questions "What does the Alumni Society do for me?" and "What can I do for my Alma Mater?"

The Alumni Society has placed increased emphasis on service to its membership. There is a multitude of Scranton alumni gatherings taking place on the alumni club level and the leaders of the organization have never been more dedicated. Active participating can be of inestimable value. The benefits of maintaining ties to your school throughout your lifetime cannot be over-emphasized.

Your membership in the Alumni Society of The University of Scranton and your eligibility for membership requires no dues. Instead, alumni are strongly encouraged to respond each year to the University Royal Fund Campaign. By doing so, you strengthen your Society and the University whose name you carry proudly.

Thank you for your continued support, whether through financial contributions, volunteering for a University project, recruiting students, or even hiring our graduates - as these help maintain and improve the University's stature as well as your own.

As you read these pages, please feel free to share your comments with the Alumni Office Staff by e-mailing:

The Purpose of the Alumni Society

The Alumni Society fosters communication among alumni and encourages continued dialogue between alumni and the University community. The Society seeks to obtain financial aid and legislative support for the University and to procure material assistance that helps to enable the faculties to carry out their plans for strengthening curricula, improving programs and keeping the University competitive with its peers.

The Society, in conjunction with its clubs, hosts alumni functions, identifies prospective students and promotes the interests of the University by focusing attention on its stature as a major regional center of learning. It assists the placement of graduates, collects and preserves materials for University history and honors distinguished student, faculty and alumni accomplishments.

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