A sabbatical leave is a release from normal faculty responsibilities for a specified period of time and for a specific academic purpose from which both the faculty member and the University benefit.  A sabbatical may be taken for one full academic year or for one regular semester.  A faculty member is eligible for sabbatical leave during or after the seventh year of service dating back to initial appointment or a previous sabbatical.  (For example, newer faculty are eligible for sabbatical in the seventh year, hence would ordinarily apply in the sixth year of service.) 

Please note that availability of a sabbatical leave may depend upon the department's ability to handle the course load during the faculty member's absence.

Normally a faculty member on a one year sabbatical leave receives one half of his/her salary.  As of September 1, 2006 a faculty member may request a greater salary supplement up to 70% for a one-year sabbatical.  A justification for the request may be made to the Provost/VPAA through the Faculty Research Committee at the time the sabbatical application is filed.  (See The Faculty Handbook for more information.)

Sabbatical Applications

Sabbatical Guidelines

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