Travel Funding

Student Travel Reimbursement

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) provides funding to assist our student researchers in covering costs related to travel to conference and professional meetings where they are presenting their research. Students may be eligible for up to $300 in reimbursement of expenses, based upon the availability of funding, if the travel meets specific criteria.  Travel awards are limited to one per student in a given academic year.  Students must apply for preapproval only during the academic year in which the travel will take place. Applications received AFTER the travel will not receive a high priority review.

Students will need to submit an application for pre-approval of travel funds to Jamie Hayes in ORSP prior to attending the event for which the travel is necessary.  If funding is approved, students will complete the Travel Expense Report after returning from the event. The Travel Expense Report must be submitted to Jamie Hayes no later than 60 days after traveling. Students should check the University of Scranton's travel policy before traveling.

Specific criteria that will be assessed in determining award of student travel funds:

  • Student must be presenting his or her original research at the event, or research conducted in collaboration with a University faculty member
  • Research projects that span several semesters will receive funding priority

Meeting the above criteria for travel funding does not guarantee reimbursement of travel expenses. 

Students are encouraged to talk with their faculty sponsors about alternate sources of funding (e.g., Deans, department chairs, professional association’s student travel awards) to enhance and/or replace (if exhausted) ORSP funds.