PT Club

The Physical Therapy (PT) Club aims to involve the student body in events that focus on spreading PT awareness and fundraising for related charities. While PT Club membership is exclusively for graduate students in the DPT program, we seek to educate the community and student body on the importance of Physical Therapy. We also strive to fund-raise for reputable charities while organizing events that the entire campus can be involved in. As PT students, our priority is application of our knowledge to assist the community and participation in a variety of volunteer-based service activites. 

PT Club Officers

President: Ileana Armendi ileana.armendi@scranton.edu

Vice President: Nick Capobianco nicholas.capobianco@scranton.edu

Secretary: Colleen Berry colleen.berry@scranton.edu

Treasurer:  Paul Sciascia paul.sciascia@scranton.edu

Service Learning Coordinator: Lindsay Fitchett lindsay.fitchett@scranton.edu

Events Coordinator: Daniela Spagnoli daniela.spagnoli@scranton.edu

APTA Liaison: Christian Huckfeldt christian.huckfeldt@scranton.edu

Advisor: Dr. Maida dana.maida@scranton.edu


  • Kidsercise: Students perform an exercise program with children at the Scranton Day Nursery Association.
  • Seniorcise: Students perform an exercise program with seniors at Scranton area senior living communities. Locations include Amos Towers, Lutherwood Apartments and Geneva House.
  • Senior CompanionshipStudents paint the nails of and spend time with seniors at the Lutherwood Apartments and Geneva House.
  • Youth Sports at Riverfront
  • Adaptive Cycling with Abilities in Motion
  • Exercise Classes with the Lackawanna Blind Association
  • Scranton Half and Full Marathon
  • Scranton PT Clothing Sale
  • Wheelchair Basketball Tournament for Abilities In Motion
  • PT Winter Formal
  • Volleyball/Dodgeball Marathon
  • Mentor/mentee program for incoming students
  • Scranton Wilkes-Barre Railriders Game
  • Scranton Wilkes-Barre Penguins Game