Associated Faculty

The University of Scranton's Department of Physical Therapy is proud to work with a diverse group of professionals across a wide array of fields to provide our students with a well-rounded education. These professionals are happy to lend their expertise ona variety of topics to assist our full-time faculty in teaching the program's lecture and lab courses. The Department of Physical Therapy would like to highlight the contributions of our adjunct faculty, lab assistants, and Integrated Clinical Experience CIs.
John Salva teaching Orthopedic PT I Lab

Adjunct Faculty

Meghan Conklin, PT, DPT - PT 731L Pediatric PT
Elizabeth Doyle, PT, DPT - PT 703L Advanced Patient Management
Chandra Nealon, PT, DPT - PT 700 & 700L - Anatomy for PT
Joseph Ricci, PT, MPT - PT 721L Rehabilitation for PT I
Michael Ross, PT, DHSc, OCS, FAAOMPT - PT 714L Orthopedic PT II
John Salva, MPT, OCS - PT 714L Orthopedic PT II
Nicole Solfanelli, PT, DPT - PT 731 Pediatric PT, PT 782 & 783 Grand Rounds
Stacey Williams, PT, DPT, C/NDT - PT 722 & 722L Rehabilitation for PT II

Lab Assistants

Elizabeth Doyle, PT, DPT - PT 700L Anatomy for PT
Jason Dwyer, PT, DPT - PT 714L Orthopedic PT I
Kate Kochanski, PT, DPT - PT 702L Basic Patient Management
Bryan Lance, PT, DPT - PT 704L Therapaeutic Exercise in PT
Tom MacDonald, PT, DPT - PT 714L Orthopedic PT I
Joseph Pichiarello, PT, DPT - PT 704L Therapeutic Exercise in PT
Danielle Schuster - PT 712L Neurological PT II

ICE Clinical Instructors

Grace Craven, PT , DPT
Steve DiGiambattista, PT, DPT
Jason Dwyer, PT, DPT
Brenna Garrick, PT, DPT
Joe Grzerch, PT, DPT
Matt Harte, PT, DPT
Jason Hunter, PT, DPT
Jacob Klein, PT, DPT
Tom MacDonald, PT, DPT
Megan Phillips, PT, DPT
Megan Timms, PT, DPT
Chris Wade, MSPT, OCS

Student Testimonials

“It is great to network with and learn from local clinicians who join our classes to share their unique niche of physical therapy. They are often University of Scranton graduates, so it’s not only interesting to hear their experiences, but it’s also nice to see how this school can produce such successful therapists.”
- Megan McDermott, DPT Class of 2024

"Having clinicians teach in classes has really enhanced our learning experience. It introduces new perspectives and levels of expertise, since many of these clinicians have specialized certifications in topics like pediatrics, orthopedics, active release techniques and vestibular rehab. By having integrated clinical experiences, we are able to take that new knowledge and put it directly into practice to help facilitate the learning experience. It enables the opportunity for us practice in the clinic with guidance to help increase self-confidence."
- Alexis Pagonis, DPT Class of 2024

"The local clinicians that help out in the physical therapy program all offer a wide variety of different skills that are very beneficial to the DPT cohort. We have clinicians with different specialties and strengths in prosthetics, hand therapy, oncology, pediatrics, orthopedics, and many more. These clinicians help offer different tools for students to use that can help uplift our skills that we can use on our clinical rotations and when we are licensed! One example that comes to mind when discussing about local clinicians and their interaction with the DPT cohort are some of the orthopedics instructors who assist us in our orthopedics lab by showing different forms of joint mobilizations, tips for proper body mechanics and hand placements, and clinical discussion with students on what types of patients these treatments would be most applicable for. The local clinicians that help with our program are a vital aspect to our learning environment."
- Jack Mulligan, DPT Class of 2024
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