Coaching Concentration

The 15-credit Coaching concentration is based on the American Sport Education Program (ASEP) and will help meet the needs of those who wish to coach and work more effectively with young athletes from youth through interscholastic sports.

COA 160 Coaching Principles

COA 202 Sports Administration

COA 203 Sport First Aid

COA 205 Teaching Sports Skills

COA 208 Conditioning and Training for Sports 

Electives (choose one)

PSYC 221 (S) Childhood

PSYC 225 (S) Abnormal Psychology

PSYC 228 Health Psychology

PSYC 238 Exercise and Sports Psychology 

NUTR 110 (E) Introduction to Nutrition

CHS 111 (S) Introduction to Human Adjustment

HRS 351 (D) Recruitment, Selection, and Staffing

COMM 214 Small Group Communication

COMM 228 (D) Intercultural Communication

COMM 229 (D) Gender and Communication

COMM 317 Digital Audio and Video Production

COMM 319 Sports Writing