CastleBranch is a company used by the University to facilitate background screening for students in certain majors.

CastleBranch Login Page

CastleBranch resources
List of FAQs (with video support)
Complete Reference Guide
How to Submit your Documents

Once you have set up your CastleBranch account, you will have access to numerous video tutorials that can answer just about any question you may have.

Helpful Hints for Uploading Documents

When uploading a document to CastleBranch, be sure:

1)  That the file size is under 5MB.  Any file larger will not upload correctly.  If you have a file that is too large, and cannot “compress” it, email the file to for compression.

2)  That the file is a common format.  Either a PDF or a common image type (.jpg, .png, .gif) works best.

3)  To use Firefox or Chrome.  Other web browsers could potentially cause issues.

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