Academic Integrity Policy

Students have responsibility for governing their own conduct in compliance with the Academic Code of Honesty, which addresses behavioral integrity in the academic work of the University. Conduct that violates the Code includes plagiarism, duplicate submission of the same work, collusion, providing false information, unauthorized use of computers, theft and destruction of property, and unauthorized possession of tests and other materials.

The Academic Integrity Policy includes a timeline and procedures in cases of the violation of the Code of Honesty. Violations of the Code will ordinarily lead to assignment of the grade of F by the instructor. Students may dispute a grade award by following procedures outlined in the policy.

Academic Integrity Tutorial

As part of our comprehensive academic integrity program, the University requires all graduate students to complete the Graduate Academic Tutorial. The final deadline for completion of the tutorial will be sent to you in an email. The tutorial takes roughly 30 minutes to complete. It is not graded.

To begin the tutorial:
1.    Go to: and log in using your MyScranton username and password (which you received earlier.)
2.    Click Student.
3.    In the Links and Information Channel, click Academic Integrity Tutorial.

The tutorial begins with a few questions in order to determine your knowledge of basic research skills and academic integrity. You must answer these first few questions correctly, as well as the test questions that follow the tutorial. For more information, please see the Instructions page within the tutorial.

Please note that the MyScranton portal has a 30-minute timeout. When you see the timeout notice, please click OK to remain connected. Otherwise, you will get disconnected and have to start from the beginning.

If you encounter technical problems accessing the Academic Integrity Tutorial, please contact the Technology Support Center at (570)-941-HELP. Any other concerns or questions can be directed to Brian Snapp at the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence. Phone: (570)-941-4040;  Email:  

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