My Documentation is in, now how do I submit a Testing Accommodation?

Your accommodations are approved, but there is still work to be done! Before every exam, students will go online and submit a testing accommodation form for that specific exam. See the steps below to understand this process. 

How to Schedule an Examination

1. At the beginning of the semester, students will meet with the Learning Enrichment Specialist or other OSSS staff member to discuss testing accommodation needs.
*NOTE: Students who share their academic needs with faculty tend to also encounter fewer logistical problems in working through the testing accommodations.

2. At least 5 working days prior to each scheduled examination, discuss your scheduled time for the examination with the professor.

3. At least 5 working days prior to each scheduled examination, the Online Testing Accommodation Form must be filled out. Without timely notification, it may not be possible to administer the examination as scheduled.  

4. The day of the exam, register with a OSSS staff member (Learning Enrichment Specialist or Disability Support Specialist) prior to taking the examination and then sign-out of the facility when you are finished the exam.

Students should note, efficient administration of examinations requires communication and cooperation between student, instructor, and OSSS staff. The student must initiate this process in order to assure implementation of support services.

To Complete the Testing Accommodation Form


To Complete the Testing Accomodation Form


About CTLE Testing Procedures

*NOTE: During the test, each student will be monitored by audiovisual technology to ensure academic integrity. If a student is caught cheating, the test will be taken away, and the professor will be contacted immediately.

  • Students may only have the materials the instructor has given written permission to use during the examination. Leave all textbooks, materials, backpacks, coats, and cell phones with the OSSS staff.
  • Students are not allowed to bring an USB drive for computer aided tests. Students will be provided with an USB drive for the examination.
  • Students will ordinarily not be permitted to use the restroom during the examination. If a student must use a restroom, a OSSS staff member will escort the student.
  • If for some reason the student cannot take the exam at the scheduled time, he or she must contact the OSSS and speak to a staff member. The student is responsible for notifying the professor(s) if an examination needs to be rescheduled.
  • If a student is late for a scheduled exam, that amount of time will be subtracted from the total allotted test-taking time. For example, if a student is 15 minutes late for a scheduled examination, then those 15 minutes will be subtracted from the total allotted test-taking time.
  • In the case of inclement weather, the student and professor will contact the OSSS to reschedule the examination.

Talking with Professors About Your Accommodations

When should I arrange to meet with my professor?

Don’t delay! The longer you wait to meet with a professor, the longer it will be before you can set up, and begin to use, your accommodations for that class. To get a head start, you can email each professor the week before the start of the semester to schedule a meeting during the first week of the semester to talk about your accommodations.

Can’t I just catch my professors after class?

Emailing your professors to schedule a meeting is better for you and more respectful of your professors’ time. Some professors may suggest that you “just drop in” during office hours, but we recommend asking them to kindly set aside time just for you. Otherwise, you may not get the change to speak privately and convey what you will need for their class.

Why else is emailing the best way to schedule meetings with professors?

Email has the advantage of creating a record of communications between you and your professors, including the dates and times of meetings. Here is a sample of the email you may send:

Dear Professor __________ ,
I am a student in your ______ class. I am registered to receive accommodations through the Office of Student Support & Success (OSSS), and would like to arrange a time to meet with you to go over my academic accommodations.
If you would like to meet during your office hours, I would be available…  (list all options)
If you would like to meet outside of your office hours, I am available… (list all options)
Based on our combined schedules, would you please determine a time when we can meet to review my Accommodations plan? I look forward to your response.
Thank you, (signature)

What if my professor doesn’t respond to my emails?

If your professor isn’t responsive to email, try calling their office phone or speaking with the department secretary to schedule the meeting. If you do make an appointment verbally, be sure to follow up with an email confirming the date and time.

I’m not sure what I should say during the meeting…

Let your accommodation letter be the guide. You don’t have to get into specifics about your diagnosis or disability, but you do need to let your professor know what you need to be successful in their course and how it will impact you (example- needing extra time to answer a question when called on). If you have any questions during your meeting, you may contact the OSSS at (570) 941-4039.

What should I take to the meeting?

A copy of your syllabus, a copy of your schedule, and any assistive technology you may use as an accommodation.

What about next semester?

Each semester you will have new classes, and new faculty letters to distribute to your professors. You will meet with your disability coordinator each semester to review your accommodations and get new documentation.

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