Brian Snapp

Associate Director of CTLE:

Instructional Curriculum Designer

Brian Snapp

My overall responsibility is to assist the CTLE Director with the management of the Center and provide instructional and program support for the development of traditional and web-based academic courses. This includes supporting faculty in all aspects of technology/pedagogy integration including; Online Learning Management System (LMS); Assisting recipients of the Online Course Design Stipend; Teaching Brightspace workshops; plagiarism detection; demonstrations to students to assist their transition here.

Additionally, my administrative duties include; Technical supervision/administration of the Online Course Evaluation System and the Academic Integrity Tutorial; Construction of periodic reports and surveys; Coordination of the Faculty Advancement Series and an Instructional Technology Series events; CTLE Website and the Part-Time Faculty Guide.

I currently serve on the LMS User’s Group, Technology On Your Own Terms Planning Group, Streaming Media Group,  Lecture Capture Group, Course Evaluation Committee (ex-officio)  and the Wellness Committee.

I have a Masters Degree in Instructional Technology from Bloomsburg University and a BA in Telecommunications from Rochester Institute of Technology, and over twenty years of experience supporting teaching and learning in academia. 

Finally, my Raison D'etre is/are family, cycling, volleyball, golf, photography, music, nature and food (in no particular order). My driving philosophy on learning, playing and discovery can be summed up in one phrase, "Never grow up!"

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Last Modified: August 14, 2017