Teaching Enhancement Grants

The Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence (CTLE) is pleased to announce that grants of up to $1,800 are available to full-time faculty interested in enhancing their teaching skills. This year the CTLE will be awarding up to 10 Teaching Enhancement Grants.

The grants can be used for a variety of pedagogical purposes. Teaching materials/equipment/tablets purchased with grant funding reside in the faculty member’s department.

Proposals should not exceed 2 pages and must include the following information:

  • Clear purpose of the grant;
  • Positive impact that the grant will have on teaching (address specific pedagogy and exact courses affected);
  • Positive impact that the grant will have on precise student learning outcomes in your course(s);
  • A course syllabus if designing or redesigning a course;
  • An explicit and realistic timeline normally running no later than December 31, 2020;
  • A specific budget. Please submit appropriate documentation if attending a conference or purchasing materials; applications without budget documentation to substantiate expenses cannot be considered. Grants cover up to $1,800 - please explain how you will pay for additional expenses if your activity exceeds $1,800;
  • Letter of support from Department Chair or College Dean.

Proposals will be reviewed by a faculty subcommittee of the CTLE Advisory Group.  Please note that grant funding cannot be used for the replacement of equipment funded by previous years' grants.

All applicants will be notified in December 2019.  Upon completion of the grant activity, successful applicants must submit a final report including expenses to Charles Kratz, Dean of the Library & Information Fluency. Grant recipients will be asked to do a workshop on their project for the CTLE in the future.

Please submit applications via campus mail to:

Charles E. Kratz
Dean of the Library & Information Fluency
Weinberg Library - ext. 4008

Application Deadline: Friday, November 1, 2019

  • 2018 Recipientsplus or minus

    • Prof. Tara Fay (Biology)
    • Dr. Michael Fennie (Chemistry)
    • Dr. Jennifer Vasquez (Mathematics)
  • 2017 Recipientsplus or minus

    • Dr. David Dzurec (History)
    • Prof. Tara Fay (Biology)
    • Dr. Jason Graham (Mathematics)
    • Dr. Sharon Hudacek (Nursing)
    • Carole Slotterback (Nursing)
    • Maria Squire (Biology)
  • 2016 Recipientsplus or minus

    • Dr. Bryan Burnham & Dr. Jill Warker
    • Prof. Tara Fay
    • Dr. Satyajit Ghosh
    • Dr. Kathleen Iacooca
    • Dr. Marlene Morgan
  • 2015 Recipientsplus or minus

    • Dr. Danielle Arigo (Psychology)
    • Dr. Aram Balagyozyan (Business)
    • Dr. Marzia Caporale
    • Daphne Golden
    • Dr. Stacey Muir (Mathematics)
    • Krzysztof Plotka
    • Meghan Rich
    • Nicholas Truncale (Physics)
    • Janice Voltzow (Biology)
    • Patricia Wisniewski (Physical Therapy)
    • Donna Witek
  • 2014 Recipientsplus or minus

    • Dr. Scott Breloff & Dr. Paul Cutrufello
    • Dr. Satya Chattopadhyay
    • Dr. David Dzurec
    • Dr. Marian Farrell
    • Prof. Tara Fay
    • Dr. Michael Fennie
    • Prof. Sheli McHugh
    • Prof. Sandy Pesavento
    • Prof. Nicholas Truncale
    • Dr. Janice Voltzow
    • Dr. Patricia Wright
  • 2013 Recipientsplus or minus

    • Dr. Dona Bauman 
    • Dr. Scott Breloff 
    • Dr. Satya Chattopadhyay 
    • Dr. Marian Farrell 
    • Prof. Tara Fay 
    • Dr. Satyajit Ghosh 
    • Dr. Renee Hakim 
    • Dr. Catherine Lovecchio 
    • Dr. Kathryn Meier 
    • Dr. Maria Squire 
    • Dr. Patricia Wright
  • 2012 Recipientsplus or minus

    • Dr. Karen Brady (Occupational Therapy)
    • Dr. Pornthip Chalungsooth (Counseling)
    • Dr. Carol Cote (Occupational Therapy)
    • Prof. Tara Nicole Fay (Biology)
    • Prof. Ann E. Feeney (Nursing)
    • Dr. Sharon Hudacek (Nursing)
    • Prof. Karim Letwinsky 
    • Dr. Sehba Mahmood 
    • Dr. Tata Mbugua (Education)
    • Dr. Sharon Meagher & Hank Willenbrink 
    • Dr. Cyrus P. Olsen (Theology)
    • Dr. Kim Pavlick 
    • Dr. Maria E. Squire
    • Dr. Patricia Wright (Nursing)
  • 2011 Recipientsplus or minus

    • Dr. Dona C. Bauman (Education)
    • Dr. Maureen T. Carroll (Mathematics)
    • Dr. Marian L. Farrell (Nursing)
    • Prof. Tara Nicole Fay (Biology)
    • Prof. Ann E. Feeney (Nursing)
    • Dr. Satyajit Ghosh (Economics/Finance)
    • Dr. Tata J. Mbugua (Education)
    • Dr. Susan Carol Mendez (English)
    • Dr. Patricia L. Wright (Nursing)
  • Fall 2007 – Spring 2008 Recipientsplus or minus

    • Prof. Ann Feeney (Nursing)
    • Dr. Dona Bauman (Education)
    • Dr. Peter Leininger (Physical Therapy)
    • Prof. Patricia Moyle Wright (Nursing)
    • Dr. Oliver Morgan (Counseling & Hum Services)
    • Prof. Cathy Lovecchio (Nursing)
    • Dr. Jakub Jasinski (Mathematics)
    • Dr. Marian Farrell (Nursing)
    • Dr. Rebecca Spirito Dalgin (Counseling & Human Services)
    • Prof. Barbara Buxton (Nursing)
  • Fall 2006 – Spring 2007 Recipientsplus or minus

    • Dr. Jack O'Malley (Psychology)
    • Dr. Sharon Meagher (Philosophy)
    • Dr. Dona Bauman (Education)
    • Professor Maria Squire (Biology)
    • Dr. Joe Kraus (English)
  • Fall 2005 – Spring 2006 Recipientsplus or minus

    • Dr. Dona Bauman (Education)
    • Dr. Marian Farrell (Nursing)
    • Prof. Steven Szydlowski (HAHR)
    • Dr. Robert Waldeck (Biology)
Last Modified: September 18, 2019