Development Stipends for Online Courses

The Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence (CTLE) is pleased to announce that stipends of $5,000 are available for full-time faculty interested in obtaining funding to assist with the initial development of a three-credit online course created on the University's Learning Management System, or stipends of $3,000 are available for full-time faculty interested in obtaining funding to assist with the revision of a three-credit online course currently offered on the University's Learning Management System. For online courses being revised, they must have been taught three or more years online to be eligible for the stipend. Stipends for one or two-credit online courses will be $2,500 for initial development and $1,500 for revision.  Please note that stipends are subject to taxes.  This year the CTLE will be awarding up to five Development Stipends for Online Courses.

Faculty must have their course ready to teach online by summer 2022 or fall 2022, or spring 2023. Faculty will receive payment after the course is taught online and the course syllabus has been submitted to Dr. David Marx, Associate Provost.

Proposals should not exceed 2 pages and must include the following information:

  • Statement on the intended audience for the online course and projected demand for the course, including the projected student enrollment;
  • Statement about why the course should be online and the benefits for it being online (100 words or less);
  • Online course description;
  • Student learning outcomes and online assessment methods;
  • Pedagogical approach for the use of technology in the online course;
  • Plan for use of multimedia materials (e.g., audio, video, streaming materials);
  • Tentative course syllabus for new online course that will incorporate the University’s Learning Management System’s features (e.g., chat, discussion forum);  for revised course - tentative revised course syllabus and old syllabus with highlighted revisions/changes;
  • Commitment to develop the online course in collaboration with the CTLE Associate Director/Instructional Curriculum Designer and the Library Faculty Liaison to your Academic Department;
  • A specific timeline for the online course development, including start and completion date;
  • Specific resources needed for the online course development;
  • A letter of Support from the College Dean; and
  • Date of submission to the Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee. Please note that the course must be approved by the Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee prior to submission of your proposal.

Applicants are encouraged to consult with the CTLE Associate Director/Instructional Curriculum Designer Brian Snapp prior to submitting their applications. Proposals will be reviewed by a faculty subcommittee of the CTLE Advisory Group. All applicants will be notified in December 2021. Faculty will have the spring and summer semesters to develop the online course(s). Faculty will be asked to share their experiences and their online courses with their colleagues at a CTLE workshop.

Please submit applications via campus mail to:

Application Deadline: Monday, November 1, 2021

Dr. Daniel Haggerty (Philosophy)
Prof. Tara Fay (Biology)

Dr. David Dzurec (History)
Dr. Robert McKeage (Management/Marketing)
Dr. Iordanis Petsas (Economics/Finance)
Dr. Nichloas Sizemore (Chemistry)  
Dr. Kimberly Subasic (Nursing)

Please note: No grants were awarded for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Dr. Jessica Bachman (Exercise Science)
Dr. Satya Chattopadhyay (Management/Marketing)
Dr. Barry Kuhle (Psychology)
Prof. Michael Jenkins (Sociology/Criminal Justice)  
Prof. Wendy Manetti (Nursing)
Dr. Michael Allison (Political Science)
Dr. Iordanis Petsas (Economics/Finance)

Dr. Michael Allison (Political Science)
Dr. Cynthia Cann (Management/Marketing)
Dr. David Dzurec (History)
Prof. Tara Fay (Biology)  
Dr. Patricia Wright (Nursing)

Dr. Sean Brennan (History)
Dr. Satya Chattopadhyay (Management/Marketing)
Prof. Tara Fay (Biology)
Dr. Ioannis Kallianiotis (Economics/Finance)
Dr. Catherine Lovecchio (Nursing)
Dr. Maria Squire (Biology)
Dr. Gloria Wenze (Education)

Dr. Sean Brennan (History) 
Dr. David Dzurec (History) 
Dr. Tata Mbugua (Education) 
Dr. Iordanis Petsas (Econ/Finance) 
Dr. Kevin Wilkerson (Counseling) 
Dr. Patricia Wright (Nursing)

Dr. David Dzurec (History)
Dr. Marian L. Farrell Ph.D. (Nursing)
Dr. Sharon S. Hudacek Ed.D. (Nursing)
Dr. Meghan A. Rich Ph.D. (Sociology/Criminal Justice)
Dr. Robert McKeage (Management/Marketing)
Dr. Gloria T. Wenze Ph.D. (Education)

Dr. Jack Beidler (Computing Sciences)
Dr. Robert Spinelli (Health Admin & Hum Res)
Dr. Terri Freeman Smith (Health Admin & Hum Res)
Prof. Beth Sindaco (English)
Dr. Robert McKeage (Management/Marketing)
Dr. Oliver Morgan (Counseling & Human Services)
Dr. Rose Sebastianelli (Operations & Info Mgmt)
Dr. Nabil Tamimi (Operations & Info Mgmt)
Dr. Lori Bruch (Counseling & Hum Services)

Dr. Deborah E. Lo (Education)
Dr. Robert L. McKeage (Management/Marketing)
Dr. Dona C. Bauman, Dr. Kathleen Montgomery, Dr. Gloria T. Wenze (Education; All Three applied for this Stipend and awarded together)
Dr. Satyanarayana V. Prattipati (Operation and Info)
Dr. Dona C Bauman (Education)
Dr. Terri Freeman Smith (HAHR)
Dr. Robert Spalletta (Physics/EE)

Dr. Dona Bauman (Education)
Dr. Harry Dammer (Sociology-Criminal Justice)
Dr. Satyajit Ghosh (Economics-Finance)
Dr. Edmund Kosmahl(Physical Therapy)
Dr. Robyn Lawrence (Accounting)
Dr. Edward Scahill (Economics-Finance)
Dr. Ivan Shibley (Education)

Last Modified: September 09, 2021