Tiannah Adams


Class of 2022

What research did you do at Scranton?

I was fortunate to conduct research with three professors. I collaborated with Dr. Karpiak’s team on analyzing cultural competency within psychology. I was in Dr. Orr’s lab, experimenting on the social isolation of mice. In addition, I  collaborated with Dr. Kemp on her study of parental depressive symptoms and child psychopathology. 

Tell us about your internships. 

I interned at the Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce for five years. The Chamber focuses on the advancement of the Harlem community and helped with Covid-19 outreach and promoting social justice. I also interned on the mental health unit at Harlem Hospital, where I assisted in psychotherapy sessions and administrative projects. 

What were your Teaching Assistantships like?

My TA experiences were rewarding in helping students with their first psychology course. It was also invaluable to witness all the planning and hard work that the professors put into courses. 

What did you like about the psychology major? 

The Psychology Department was where I felt most at home on campus. Every professor was friendly and genuinely interested in getting to know their students. In addition, every professor was passionate about their field of study. 

Why did you choose Scranton?

I chose Scranton because I attended a Jesuit high school and looked forward to attending a Jesuit college. Scranton was the place with the most welcoming and tight- knit environment.

What were your extracurricular activities?

I was a member of the Psychology Club, Pre Law Society, and United Cultural Organization.  I created a Black Student Union at the University.

How did the psychology program prepare you for the real world?

Through multiple research experiences, teaching assistantships, and coursework, the Psychology Department provided many opportunities to advance my career early on in my undergraduate studies.  Psychology can be applied to numerous professions outside of the field. 

What are your post-graduation plans?

I am attending Georgetown Law School.

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