Taylor Boyle


Major: Psychology

Concentration: Nutrition Studies

Class of 2023 

Why did you choose Scranton? 

I greatly appreciated the University of Scranton’s emphasis on pursuing a broad knowledge base. The University encourages students to explore classes and topics outside of our major. As someone with a wide range of interests, Scranton has given me a well-rounded education alongside my psychology major.

What do you like about the psychology major? 

The Psychology Department has some of the most welcoming and knowledgeable faculty members I have ever met. The Psychology faculty take a genuine interest in students’ education and make them feel supported and cared about. The curriculum helps students develop skills for graduate school and the work force, such as writing and public speaking.

What was your teaching assistantship like?

In Fall 2022, I served as a teaching assistant for Dr. Anthony Betancourt’s Career Development Seminar. I graded quizzes, wrote multiple-choice questions, and delivered a lecture on interviewing. This assistantship was extremely fulfilling, and I connected with and helped guide Psychology majors.



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