Kyra A. Bevenour


Mathematics & Psychology
Class of 2021

Tell us about your research.

I worked with Dr. Orr in the Biopsychology Lab, designing a study investigating the relationship between food addiction and social appearance anxiety. We ran a pilot study to validate our measures. I also worked with Dr. Warker in the Cognitive Psychology Lab, helped code and analyze data on speech errors.  

Why did you choose Scranton? 

I chose Scranton because it combines a great education with an unmatched community. Everyone here is eager to support the students. Scranton is a medium-sized school where you can get to know your professors and classmates, which makes it that much better of a learning environment.  

What did you like about the psychology major? 

Scranton features a plethora of opportunities, and the psychology program coincides with that. Student clubs, research opportunities, teaching experiences, and clinical coursework were just a few of the advantages that psychology offered me. The benefits of these experiences are priceless when determining our future paths.  

What were your extracurricular activities? 

I was a Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant for the Psychology Department. I also tutored for the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence Center. I held membership and leadership positions in AFYA: The Global Health Club and Psi Chi. Lastly, I was a member of Pi Gamma Mu, Psych Club, and the Math Club.  

How has the psychology program prepared you for the real world?

Scranton’s Psychology program offered me a multitude of experiences that let me learn what I enjoy. The intensive yet rewarding class requirements teach you time management, which is a necessity in any field. The Career Development Seminar helps students explore the endless options that come with having an undergraduate degree in psychology.  

Tell us about your clinical internship.

I completed a clinical internship at a local outpatient substance abuse clinic. Some of the activities I participate in are group therapy, helping with scheduling, and learning how to write progress notes. I was excited about this opportunity, as addiction is one of the main areas I am interested in pursuing.  

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