Carly S. Bock


Class of 2021

What research did you do at Scranton?

I was selected to participate in the Psychology Research IMmersion Experience (PRIME), where my mentor, Dr. Nolan, and I performed a study on social influence. We compared the effectiveness of several compliance techniques when requesting to check tire pressure. In addition to that field experiment, I collaborated on a content analysis of pro-environmental behavior. This research reviewed the literature on pro-environmental behavior and categorized how it was measured.

Why did you choose Scranton? 

I chose the University of Scranton because of its tight-knit community. As a medium-sized university, Scranton’s small class sizes enable individual relationships with professors and student friendships. I also chose Scranton because of the countless opportunities to get involved in the community, on and off campus.

What did you like about the psychology major? 

I loved that I could explore and pursue my own career interests, in addition to knowledge in the foundations of psychology. The psychology major offered a wide variety of electives that allowed me to tailor my education. Also, the psychology major gave me the opportunity to work as a teaching assistant and collaborate with faculty on research projects.

What were your extracurricular activities?

I was involved as a Teaching Assistant (TA) for the Psychology Department and as a volunteer at the St. Francis of Assisi Food Kitchen.

How has the psychology program prepared you for the real world?

I am prepared for the real world because of individual mentoring from faculty and hands-on experience as a research assistant and a TA. The psychology program also prepared us through the Career Development Seminar.

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