Owen Stanczak


Major: Psychology and Philosophy

Minor: Criminology

Class of 2024

Why did you choose Scranton? 

I chose Scranton because of its well-rounded education and its sense of community. I have been encouraged to study many topics beyond my psychology major to expand my knowledge. I have also met fellow students and professors who care about me and each other. 

What do you like about the psychology major? 

The psychology major allows me to explore a variety of interesting topics with faculty who care about me. I can tailor the major to my specific interests. I also like its real-world applications in many classes. 

What research are you doing at Scranton?

I am a research assistant in Dr. Reynolds' Forensic and Legal Psychology Lab as well as Dr. Nolan's Conservation Psychology Lab. I am also conducting my own research on felons and whether they harbor different juror biases than the general population. 

What are your extracurricular activities? 

I serve as a Resident Assistant, a writing consultant in the writing center, an Orientation Assistant, an Editor and an Assistant Production Manager for Esprit. I am also the Vice President of the Fencing Club and the Service Chair of the Philosophy Society. 

How has the psychology program prepared you for the real world?

The psychology program has helped me to look at problems from different angles and to think outside of the box to solve problems. In addition, it has given me research and interpersonal skills for the future.

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