Emma Trautfetter

Major: Psychology

Minor: Counseling & Human Services

Class of 2024

Why did you choose Scranton? 

I chose Scranton because of the friendly students and small campus. I wanted to attend a school where professors knew my name and I would build relationships with other students. This made my transition from high school to college easier, and I got more involved on campus.

What do you like about the psychology major? 

I love that the psychology program is a close-knit group of students and faculty. Since the major is medium sized, I have built lifelong relationships with many students and even the faculty. I have also received many opportunities for research and teaching assistantships.

What research are you doing at Scranton?

I have been involved in Dr. Reynolds’ Forensic & Legal Psychology Lab for the past two years. I conducted research on the impact of an empathy manipulation on the interpretation of juvenile false confessions and presented my research at a conference last Spring. I am also involved in Dr. Nolan's Conservation Psychology Lab. Additionally, I am in the University’s Honors Program and currently working with Dr. Warker to complete my senior thesis.

What was your Teaching Assistantship like?

I served as a TA for Dr. Warker’s Current Topics in Psychological Science course in Fall 2022 and I am currently serving as a TA for Dr. Norcross' Clinical Psychology course. These have both been great experiences as I learned about the ups and downs of teaching a class and am currently learning how to write quiz questions and conduct paper review sessions with students.

What are your extracurricular activities? 

I am the President of the Psychology Club and the Vice President of Psi Chi Honors Society. I also have a job in the Office of Student Success and Support (OSSS) on campus.

How has the psychology program prepared you for the real world?

The psychology program offers many opportunities to get involved, such as TAing, conducting research, completing internships, and forming connections. I have learned many valuable lessons from the amazing professors and feel very prepared to apply to graduate school and eventually enter the workforce.

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