Elise Koegler

Major: Psychology

Concentration: Lifespan Development

Class of 2024

Why did you choose Scranton? 

Scranton is where I grew up and I joined the welcoming community at the University of Scranton as a commuter student. The opportunities to gain experience outside of the classroom, the friendly people, and the caring professors particularly appealed to me.

What do you like about the psychology major? 

The curriculum includes a Career Development Seminar which prepares us for graduate school and allows for an abundance of free electives to explore our interests and add a concentration or minor. The Psychology faculty genuinely support their students.

What research are you doing at Scranton?

I am a research assistant for Dr. Kuhle. We are looking at sex differences in how men and women advertise themselves and what they seek on Tinder. I am also doing a Senior Honors Thesis with Dr. Hopkins as my mentor. My research is about how people make possibility judgments.

Tell us about your internship.

I interned with a school psychologist in the Dunmore School District the spring semester of my junior year. I attended Individualized Education Program meetings, observed psychological testing, and performed time off task behavioral observations.

What was your Teaching Assistantship like?

I was a TA for Dr. Kuhle’s Fundamentals of Psychology course. I scored exam items, guest lectured on evidence-based study strategies, and gave feedback on papers. This experience improved my public speaking and gave me a different perspective on teaching. Currently, I am a teaching assistant for Dr. Nolan's Fundamentals of Psychology course. I grade quizzes and class participation.

What are your extracurricular activities?

I am the president of Psi Chi (International Honor Society in Psychology) and treasurer of Psychology Club. I am also a research and teacher's assistant.


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