A Scranton physics degree has prepared students for an array of careers, from doctoral research to process engineering, from museum curators to technology consultants to university professors. Physicists have a strong foundation in the principles of engineering and the scientific process, making many different trajectories within reach.

Join the ranks of the best and brightest — our graduating seniors work in companies known for securing top talent, and many still continue their education while balancing their career.

"Historically, our graduates in their first years in the workforce are the highest paid compared to their peers in any other department in the University."

Juan Serno, Ph.D., Professor

Where do Students go After Graduation? 

  • Our graduates earn jobs with top employers, like the Department of Environmental Protection, ExxonMobil,

    Thorlabs, Lockheed Martin, Sanofi-Pasteur and more.

  • Some graduates continue their education in top graduate programs, including Boston University, Michigan State University, Syracuse University, George Washington University, and more.

Recent graduate Josh Zadoyko is working with SDG Group, an IT consulting firm whose primary clients are in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. He is a program developer who works on the technical end of the business, while also communicating information to non-technically orientated business employees.

"Overall, I rate my experience for preparing me for the real world a 10/10. I met great people, made great connections, and learned many valuable lessons."

Josh Zadoyko '18, Business Intelligence Consultant, SDG Group

No matter where you want to take your career, the physics program at The University of Scranton can give you a great foundation for a successful career.

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