Computer Engineering

Career Outcomes

The computer engineering program The University of Scranton is known for educating top computer engineers — almost all of our seniors secure jobs before graduation, oftentimes with companies they interned for throughout their undergraduate years. Many of our students also choose to continue their education full or part-time in top graduate programs across the country.

Futures in Computer Engineering

Join the ranks of the best and brightest — our graduating seniors work in companies known for securing top talent, and many still continue their education while balancing their career.

Career opportunities in computer engineering range from industrial automation, robotics, avionics and software engineering system design to neural networks and computational medicine.

"Engineering as a whole is a great balance of math, science, and leadership; which means pursuing an engineering degree can open many engineering and non-engineering opportunities outside of school. An engineering major develops and trains skills that can help him or her to become a lawyer, doctor, professor, or entrepreneur."

Vincent T. Oliverio, Computer Engineering Major

Learn more about where our students go after the University of Scranton:

  • Our graduating seniors secure jobs with leading employers, like BAE Systems, Con Edison, New York, Continental Tide Defense Systems and Lockheed Martin, just to name a few.
  • Our alumni work as in diverse fields, from computational medicine and robotics.
  • Computer engineers earn a median wage of $111,730 according to the United States Department of Labor Statistics
  • The demand for computer engineers is growing! Every organization has a continual need for technology and computer systems in today’s world, and know they need top talent to stay competitive.

No matter where you want to take your career, the computer engineering program at The University of Scranton can give you a great foundation to for a successful career.

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