Physics and Engineering Department

Recent research activity

  1. Photothermionics: thermionic emission as a probe for solar cell performance improvement
  2. New designs of High Efficiency Solar Cells (HESCs)
  3. Physics of high efficiency solar cells
  4. Amorphous Silicon p/i/n Solar Cells with a SiGe superlattice in the intrinsic region
  5. Photo-current calculations for a new High Efficiency MQW p-i-n AlAs-GaAs (2.0 eV)//GaAs - Ge (1.0 eV)//GaAs (1.42 eV) Solar Cell
  6. Entropy Production During Thermionic Emission in III-V Nanostructures,
  7. Thermal Effects on the Two-Dimensional Density of States for III-V Nano-Heterostructures
  8. Modeling and characterization of superconducting solid state devices
  9. Embedded superlattices for higher efficiency solar cells
  10. AFM studies of thin films
  11. Gallium arsenide/germanium solar cells
  12. Thermodynamics of small systems
  13. Quantum Photovoltaics (PV)
  14. Josephson-like N-I-S-I-S YBCO Junctions via Scanning Tunneling Measurements
  15. Ab-initio calculations of supercurrents in NIS Heterojunctions: a device approach
  16. AC Varonides and RA Spalletta, “I-V Characteristics of a Josephson-type N-I-S-I-S YBCO Junction via Scanning Tunneling Measurements”, in progress
  17. AC Varonides and RA Spalletta, “AFM Topography of Thin HTS S-I-S/N-I-S Films”

New courses – special topics

  1. ENGR 484: Foundations of Applied Superconductivity.  Special Topic, A senior-level course, designed for Phys/EE majors
  2. Quantum mechanics for electrical engineers
  3. “Differential Equations with Applications in Physics” notes-supplement/independent study material for the students of the Phys/EE Dept. (Spring 1997)
  4. AC Varonides “Lectures on Quantum Mechanics”, Course notes designed for independent studies, and for senior students of Physics and Electrical Engineering (University of Scranton, Spring 1997)
  5. A. C. Varonides “Lecture Notes on the Green’s Functions for Electrical Engineers”, An Introductory supplement for Engineering 350
  6. Physics 101 “The Solar System”.  One semester (with no prerequisites) course that concentrates on the Solar System (GE)
  7. Physics 102 “Stellar Evolution”.  Part II of Phys 101: qualitative study of the stars, their birth, evolution and death (GE)
  8. Physics 109 “The Conscious Universe”. On modern cosmology and philosophy of science (GE)
  9. Physics 105 “Man and the Universe”.  The history of the development of Astronomy
  10. Physics 114 “Solar Electricity”. On solar energy and solar cells (GE)
  11. 200-level “Elements of Solar System Dynamics” (science majors: under development).
  12. Thermodynamics of Irreversible Processes (Special Topic, senior course: 300/400-level Phys/ECE course, under development).
  13. Thermodynamics of small systems
  14. Nanotechnology: A course for Phys and all science majors (Phys 255) 
  15. Antenna theory and techniques (special topic)
  16. Electromagnetics in the Special Theory context 
  17. Spintronics
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