Student working with equipment in the TV studio

Department of Communication and Media

What We Do:

We prepare students for exceptional careers and/or advanced study in broadcasting, journalism, advertising, public relations, and other areas, through our rigorous program. For both majors and non-majors, our courses enhance knowledge and skill in writing, speaking, critical thinking and media technology.

How We Stand Out:

  • Focus on a solid writing foundation, integral to communication careers
  • Students can pursue a specific field of interest on day one
  • Hands-on training is combined with theoretical academics 
  • Eloquence and logical discourse is valued in the tradition of Jesuit education
  • Campus media and student organizations are opportunities for practical experience
  • Students critically examine ethical issues related to communication and professional situations


  • Business Communication, BA - Allows students to use strategic communications to facilitate high-level business operations. Students will receive a strong foundation of coursework in a broad range of communication strategies and theories to develop enhanced team-building and leadership skills necessary in a modern professional environment.
  • Communication, BA - Communication is the art and science of mediated interaction between individuals or groups. The department offers two tracks within the Communication major: the Communication Leadership track and the Communication and the Law track.
  • Journalism & Electronic Media, BA - Journalism and electronic media is an in-depth exploration of online media, with a focus on communication of information. The department offers two tracks within the Journalism & Electronic Media major: the Journalism track and the Broadcasting & Electronic Media track.
  • Social Media Strategies, BA - Prepares students for careers that combine social media strategies with business objectives and marketing communications. Students will learn oral, written, visual, and production skills that are required to run effective multi-platform social media campaigns independently, or as part of larger integrated multi-media marketing communication campaigns.
  • Advertising / Public Relations, BA - Advertising / Public Relations involves how organizations inform, persuade and otherwise interact with their customers and other critical publics. The department offers two tracks within the major: the Public Relations track and the Advertising track.
  • Undergraduate Minors - We offer four minors that would benefit students from any major: Business Communication, Communication, Social Media Strategies, and Sports Communication.

Meet Our Faculty:

Communication faculty at Scranton are consistently rated highly by their students. Each professor has significant professional experience. Faculty remain involved in professional activities including research and off-campus projects. But their top priority is their students. Communication faculty members are enthusiastic mentors, razor-focused on student success and fulfillment. 

Dr. Stacy Smulowitz


Department Chairperson, Associate Professor

Phone: 570-941-4135
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Dr. Holly Avella

Visitor Professor

Phone: 570-941-6186
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Dr. Howard Fisher

Associate Professor

Phone: 570-941-7513
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Dr. Rebecca Mikesell

Assistant Professor

Phone: 570-941-7516
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Dr. Kimberly Pavlick

Assistant Professor

Phone: 570-941-4147
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Dr. Brian Snee

Associate Professor

Phone: 570-941-7745
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Professor John Kilker

Faculty Specialist

Phone: 570-941-4112
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Professor Jack Strain

Faculty Specialist

Phone: 570-941-4131
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Inside the Classroom:

Our students benefit from:
  • State-of-the-art TV studio and audio production facility
  • Dedicated faculty who make meaningful connections
  • Hands-on projects, especially in upper-level courses

The department also oversees student media organizations that are open to students of all majors:

  • The Aquinas student newspaper offers print and electronic editions.
  • Royal Studios is a student-run motion picture and television production company. Student filmmakers have the opportunity to work on advanced projects.
  • WUSR Radio 99.5 is the campus radio station. The facility features 11 new computer stations, USB microphones and a new audio board and music organization system.

Career Outcomes:

You’ll find Scranton communication graduates working in diverse fields such as:

  • Online journalism
  • Broadcasting
  • Public relations
  • Advertising
  • Writing and editing
  • Publishing
  • Video production

Graduates with excellent communication skills and a strong liberal arts background are successful in other fields as well. For example:

  • Marketing
  • Business management
  • Training
  • Sales
  • Education
  • Fundraising

Many students pursue advanced degrees in communication fields or branch out to go to law schools or to pursue their MBA. For example:

  • New York Law School
  • University of Hawaii
  • Liberty University