Asian Studies Faculty and Staff

Headshot of Ann Pang-White, Ph.D.

Ann Pang-White, Ph.D.

Program Director

Professor of Philosophy
LSC 558 | 570-941-6312

Chinese & Comparative Philosophy, Ethics, Augustine and Medieval Philosophy


Headshot of David Black, Ph.D.

David Black, Ph.D.


LSC 556 | 570-941-7607

Philosophy of Culture, Chinese Philosophy, Vico, Philosophy of Conscience

Headshot of Sean Brennan, Ph.D.

Sean Brennan, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

STT 308C | 570-941-4549

Web Page

Modern European History and Modern Russian and German History.

Headshot of Josephine Dunn, Ph.D.

Josephine Dunn, Ph.D.


St. Thomas 210B | 570-941-4016

Art History

Headshot of Shuhua Fan, Ph.D.

Shuhua Fan, Ph.D.


STT 309B | 570-941-7434

US-China Relations, Modern China’s Foreign relations, Christian Colleges in China, The Cold War Culture in China, History of China, East Asia & Asia, Modern China, Women in Modern China

Headshot of  Daniel Sweeney, S.J., Ph.D.

Daniel Sweeney, S.J., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Political Science
O'Hara 405 | 570-941-5933

Headshot of Satyajit Ghosh, Ph.D.

Satyajit Ghosh, Ph.D.


Brennan 442 | 570-941-6197

Development Economics

Headshot of Maria Johnson, Ph.D.

Maria Johnson, Ph.D.


Theology/Religious Studies
LSC 418 | 570-941-7957

World Religions

Headshot of Habib Zanzana, Ph.D.

Habib Zanzana, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

World Languages
O'Hara 318 | 570-941-7759

French and Spanish language

Headshot of Ms. Minori Koga

Ms. Minori Koga

Graduate teaching assistant of Japanese

World Languages and Cultures
O'Hara Hall, 3rd Floor | 570-941-4014

Headshot of Rebecca Mikesell, Ph.D.

Rebecca Mikesell, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

St. Thomas 4129 | 570-941-7516

Intercultural Communication

Headshot of Michael Allison, Ph.D.

Michael Allison, Ph.D.


Political Science
O'Hara 409 | 570-941-4392

Civil war resolutions in Latin America

Headshot of Iordanis Petsas, Ph.D.

Iordanis Petsas, Ph.D.


Brennan 441 | 570-941-7752

International Economics, International Business, Economic Growth and Technological Change

Fr. James Redington

Jesuit Fellow; Adjunct Faculty

Theology and Religious Studies
LSC 402A | 570.941.6529

Religions of the World

Headshot of Abhijit Roy, Ph.D.

Abhijit Roy, Ph.D.


Brennan 429 | 570-941-7715

International Marketing, Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Developing Economies.

Headshot of Robert Shaffern, Ph.D.

Robert Shaffern, Ph.D.


STT 308F | 570-941-4360

Web Page

Ancient, Medieval, and early modern European history

Headshot of Dr. Marc Shapiro

Dr. Marc Shapiro

Weinberg Chair of Judaic Studies

Theology and Resligious Studies
LSC 417 | 570-941-7956

Headshot of Susan Trussler, Ph.D.

Susan Trussler, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Brennan 440 | 570-941-6122

International Business, International Economics, Business in China, US-East Asia Trade and Investment

Headshot of  Ms. Hsiang-Ling (Charlize) Wang

Ms. Hsiang-Ling (Charlize) Wang

visiting lecturer of Chinese Mandarin

World Languages and Cultures
OHA 301 | 570-941-2420

Headshot of Daniel West, Ph.D.

Daniel West, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair

Health Administration and Human Resources
McGurrin 417 | 570-941-4126

Globalization and Human Resources Management