Dean of Students Office


Lauren S. Rivera, the University's Assistant Vice President for Student Life & Dean of Students ("AVP/Dean of Students"), works closely with Dr. Robert Davis, Vice President for Student Life, to manage and carry out the mission of the Division of Student Life. Dean Rivera provides oversight for and assists the following departments with creating vibrant and formative learning opportunities for students:

In addition to striving to create a seamless learning environment for students, Dean Rivera serves as the lead student advocate. In this role, Dean Rivera works with students (and, at times, their families) who are experiencing crises or challenges (e.g., academic, wellness, social) by serving as a support person, a referral source, and a responder. As an advocate for students both individually and collectively, she challenges, supports, and empowers students to succeed both inside and outside of the classroom and often engages in conversations with students related to leadership development, service and reflection, civic engagement, wellness, and personal accountability. Dean Rivera approaches her work by caring for the whole student, an approach known in Ignatian spirituality as cura personalis. Finally, Dean Rivera is a resource person for students who report behaviors prohibited by the University's Sexual Harassment & Sexual Misconduct Policy or who are involved in investigations related to this Policy.