Frequently Asked Questions about ISP

How do I apply?

Interested students must attend an information session to learn specifics about the program including expectations and site information. These sessions are usually held in the early part of the first semester. Once students attend an information session, they will have access to the ISP application.

Who pays for the trips?

The cost for these trips can be great and so we ask each student to fundraise individually and to take part in on-campus fundraising efforts. A percentage of the money raised by students is given as a donation to our service-site partners.

What happens after I am accepted?

Once selected, ISP students are asked to commit to several meetings. Country-specific meetings with chaperones will take place on a weekly or biweekly basis. These help prepare students practically, spiritually, and culturally for their international experience. In addition to these country- specific meetings, general meetings for all students involved in ISP take place once a month. These keep the larger ISP group connected and aware of ongoing requirements.

What are the spiritual components of this program?

As a program administered by Campus Ministries, spirituality is strongly emphasized in the preparation process, the trip itself, and in the follow-up activities. Two retreats (before and after the trips) help teams to view their trips in a faith-based context, enabling students to encounter Christ in the faces of those they meet.

How do I “bring it back”?

It is our fervent hope that students are transformed by their ISP experience and so, too, transform the way they live their lives. As ISP alumni, students are challenged to “live in solidarity with those most in need” by being mindful of where they devote their time, money and talents upon their return. Many ISP alums have answered this call by devoting a year or more of service after graduation.

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