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Service Trips

Campus Ministries' service trips immerse Scranton students, faculty, and staff into the challenges and issues that confront marginalized persons living in various locations in our country and around the world. TISP 6hese seven- to ten-day faith-based trips are open to all Scranton students of all religious traditions.

Our international and domestic service trips are a response to the Gospel call to help those in need. This call in Matthew’s Gospel teaches its readers that it is by service to those in need that humanity will find the road to God. Service for any person of faith is not optional but a response to a Divine call to help the other in need in order to foster greater peace and justice in a world more respectful of human life and dignity. 

In addition, the University upholds the social justice teachings of the Church as an essential part of the Catholic faith. Catholic social teaching is based on and inseparable from our understanding of human life and human dignity. This understanding of social justice leads to action—completing service.

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