Compliance and Enrichment Trainings Offered by OED

As part of our mission, The Office of Equity and Diversity provides a full array of training options to educate and enhance the experience of campus community members, as well as to prepare our students to be global citizens driven by excellence and compassion for others. Please contact our office for more information and/or to schedule training.

Training for Students

Both in-person and online trainings are available for individuals and student groups. We have contracted with Campus Clarity and Everfi to offer engaging, interactive, and thought provoking online training courses related to alcohol and drug use, sexual misconduct and building an inclusive, welcoming campus.

Specific educational programs on issues and policy related to Title IX are tailored for various student groups:

  • RA’s, GA’s, graduate and undergraduate students, first-year students, student officers, PACT student facilitator training, academic classes in the context of course work
  • Title IX Training of Students attending Campus Ministries trips
  • Study Abroad Pre-departure Orientation Title IX and Bystander Engagement Training
  • Title IX Training for Internships Home and Abroad
  • Title IX and PACT First Year Training for Parents
  • PACT for Student including Healthy Relationships and Consent
  • Bystander Engagement Training
  • Student Officer Title IX Training
  • Graduate Assistant Title IX Training
  • International Service Program Student Title IX Training
  • Online: Everfi/Campus Clarity “Think About It: Campus SaVE”

Training for Employees

  • Equal Opportunity Hiring Practices
  • Employee Search Training: Eliminating Bias
  • Title IX Responsible Employee Training for New Hires
  • Responsible Employee Training for Departments
  • Unlawful Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Training
  • Supervisor and Department Manager Training on Title IX and Discriminatory Harassment
  • ‘Spotting Issues’ for Supervisors - related to harassment and employee needs under ADA
  • Title IX Chaperone Training
  • Safe Zone Training –creating LGBTQ awareness and ally training
  • Green Zone Training – familiarity with student-veterans on campus
  • Online: Everfi/LawRoom:
    • Bridges: Building a Supportive Community – relates to the role of a Responsible Employee under Title IX
    • Bridges: Taking Action – relates to being a proactive bystander

We continue to expand the training opportunities. Check back or contact our office if you are interested in a specific training that is not listed.