Diversity Initiatives Funding 2018-2019

The Office of Equity and Diversity and the Diversity Initiatives Review Board (DIRB) are pleased to announce new guidelines and an online application for academic year 2018-19! The updated guidelines include elements of The University of Scranton Strategic Plan - The Scranton Plan, along with a scoring rubric for applicants to consider when creating a diversity project. The DIRB will meet in October and December to review and consider applications. You may submit an application anytime during the semester.

 Link to Diversity Initiatives Guidelines and Application

Commitment to Diversity Education

The University of Scranton values diversity as a critical and integral part of its mission. It is the intention of the University Administration and Board of Trustees to promote initiatives that energize the commitment to diversity, provide opportunity for inter-cultural engagement as well as expand opportunities for multicultural experiences for our community. The Office of Equity and Diversity oversees, supports and sponsors the development and growth of diversity awareness education programs that incorporate the three main principles of the University’s strategic plan: Engaged, Integrated and Global. Applicants are encouraged to consider these principles when drafting proposals.

Exciting Programs Sponsored by Diversity Grants

Diversity Initiatives has proudly sponsored Global Insights presentations by University of Scranton international students. Pictured are Brandon, Delilah, Jersaleen and Ethan from Palau and Yap in Micronesia.
John Quinones presents "What Would You Do?" A Diversity Initiative Grant funded program for the campus and greater Scranton community on November 3, 2011.
The Holi Festival of Colors celebrated at Scranton. Holi is an ancient Indian Celebration commemorating the triumph of good over evil.
The annual Festival of Nations celebrates countries and cultures across the globe with lots of food, fellowship, fun and music! Don't forget the awesome t-shirts!
The Center for Service and Social Justice hosted tours for students, faculty and staff to low income areas and community service agencies.