Diversity Programs Spring 2023

Explore the very things that make us both similar and unique by attending a multitude of diversity education programs at Scranton! More events will be posted soon!

FEB 3: A New Understanding: Paintings by Travis Prince


Travis Prince is a self-taught portrait artist from South Carolina who currently resides in Scranton, Pennsylvania. A focus on education, social issues, and relationships within the black community is at the forefront of his work. His medium of choice is oil paint, although he is not afraid to incorporate inks, spray paints and other materials into his craft. Produced in conjunction with the Multicultural Center, this show supported in part by a University of Scranton Diversity Initiatives Grant.

M. Prince will offer a public lecture in Brennan Hall, Pearn Auditorium, Rm. 228 at 5pm.

Reception following in Hyland Hall, Room 407 from 6 - 8 PM.


Darlene Miller-Lanning
Email: darlene.miller-lanning@scranton.edu
Phone: 570-941-4214
Website: Nope Horn Gallery Webpage

FEB 7: Black History Trivia Night

Join Black History Month Trivia Night in the DeNaples Center, Rm. 405@ 7pm 

This event is sponsored by the Multicultural Center.

Contact jose.sanchez@scranton.edu with questions.

FEB 9: Black History and Housing in Scranton

Community Based Learning Talk with Glynis Johns, founder and CEO of the Black Scranton Project

February 9 @ 6pm, the Denaples Center Moskovitz Theater, R. 401

Sponsored by the Office Community Relations

Contact community@scranton.edu for more information.

FEB 15: Black History Month Film Series

The Weinberg Memorial Library and the Louis Stanley Brown Black Student Union are proud to co-host a Black History Month Film Series.

Whose Streets? will premiere on Wednesday, February 15, 2023, at 7:00 PM in the Moskovitz Theater.

A brief presentation contextualizing the film will begin at 7:00 PM followed immediately by the movie.

The film is Free and Open to the Public

Complimentary popcorn, snacks, and refreshments will be served! 

The Film Series is made possible by a University of Scranton Diversity Initiatives Grant.

Contact: George Aulisio
Email: george.aulisio@scranton.edu
Phone: 570-881-3390
Website: Black History Month Film Series

FEB 17: El Carnaval 2023

Please mark your calendar to attend an upcoming event sponsored by LALS, the Spanish Cultural Society, and the Multicultural Center. El Carnaval will offer students the opportunity to sample Latin American food, listen to Latin American and Latinx music, and participate in games and crafts from the region.
Those interested can also take part in the Rep Your Culture desfile (pageant). Register to be a participant in the Pageant
 Contact: Dr. Aiala Levy
Email: aiala.levy@scranton.edu

FEB 18: Freedom Fest Celebration of Black Life

red, green, blcakand yello graphicswith Feb. 18 event inforamtion  for black history monthJoin the Louis Stanley Brown Black Student Union for a special evening and celebration of black History Month.

Beginning at 7:00PM

The DeNaples McIlhenny Ballroom. 4th floor

Performance by UBC, Food, Poety and MOre!

FEB 19: Becoming Frederick Douglass Film Screening & Discussion

Join the screening and discussion beginning at 3 PM at the Black Scranton Project Center for Arts & Culture, 1902 N Main Ave, Scranton, PA 18508

This event is a part of the Sunday Afternoon Black History PBS Film Series, co-sponsored by: WVIA, Black Scranton Project, Destination Freedom: Underground Railroad Walking Tour of Waverly, and The University of Scranton.  

This film series will explore key people and topics related to Black history nationally and with local Scranton salience. The films will explore the visions of freedom offered by the life of Harriet Tubman; the journey of the formerly enslaved Frederick Douglass; and how northern cities promulgated racial housing policies that continue to reverberate today. Events will include a 1-hour film screening followed by a 30-minute Q&A with discussants drawn from the co-sponsoring organizations.  

This event is a film screening of "Becoming Frederick Douglass" followed by a discussion.  

Free and Open to the Public. Register by emailing info@blackscranton.org or call 570-941-4419. 

This event is a part of the "Scranton's Story, Our Nation's Story" project's sixth theme, Underground Railroad to Black Scranton.  

For more information, please visit www.scranton.edu/scrantonstory  

This humanities film screening and discussion has been made possible in part by the National Endowment for the Humanities: Democracy demands wisdom. 

Any views, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this event do not necessarily represent those of the National Endowment for the Humanities. 

Contact: Carolyn M. Bonacci
Email: info@blackscranton.org
Phone: 570-941-4419

FEB 21: GLOBAL INSIGHTS presents Pakistan

Ramsha Siddiqui in fron with flag of Pakistan inteh back ground and event volunteers on a sports field.

Home to one of earth's oldest civilizations, the Indus Valley Civilization, Pakistan features a host of ancient ruins and culture combined with modern living and technology.

All faculty, staff and students are invited to join the opening Global Insights program for Spring 2023, featuring Ramsha Siddiqui, graduate student, MBA business analytics, on Feb. 21, at 11:30 a.m., in the Rose Room, Brennan Hall, Rm. 509. The luncheon presentation will feature Pakistani cultural cuisine. Registration is required. Register for the Global Insights Pakistan presentation.

Mount Godwin-Austen, better known as K2, the world's second highest peak, towers over the mountainous region of Pakistan at 28,251 feet. The country, about the twice the size of California, is primarily a Muslim state. Pakistan holds over 207 million people living in terrain between the highest peaks and sea level; most reside along the Indus River Valley. 

Siddiqui will discuss the cultural differences between Pakistan and the United States, especially with regard to food, and will touch upon public services such as medical facilities.

"I'd definitely advise people to try the food of Pakistan and (visit) Karachi, which is also the hub of trade and business in Pakistan," said Siddiqui, referencing the most active coastal city that is responsible for more than half than Gross Domestic Product of the southeast Asian country.

Siddiqui said she misses the nightlife, restaurants, her family, and the rights and freedom she had there.

"I would highly recommend a visit to the northern areas of Pakistan. They are replete with scenic beauty and raw and untampered natural resources...all Pakistanis go there during the summer vacations and winter breaks," said Siddiqui.

Please join Siddiqui as she shares photos of Pakistan's natural wonders, and its rich history and culture.

This program is being offered by the Office of Global Education, the Cultural Centers, Residence Life and the Office of Equity and Diversity. For more information, please contact international@scranton.edu or 570-941-4841.

FEB 21: Latin American and Latinx Film Series

Brennan Hall, Pearn Auditorium, (228)
320 Madison Avenue
Scranton, PA 18510

LEMEBEL (2019) Writer, visual artist and pioneer of the queer movement in Latin America, Pedro Lemebel shook up conservative Chilean society during Pinochet's dictatorship in the 1980's. Body, blood and fire were protagonists in his work that he attempted to perpetuate in the last eight years of his life in a film he was never able to see finished. In an intimate and poetic journey through his risky performances dealing with homosexuality and human rights, Lemebel, by Joanna Reposi Garibaldi, portrays a culmination of yearning immortality.

Contact: Dr. Aiala Levy
Email: aiala.levy@scranton.edu

FEB 28: SCRIBE Book Club Meeting

The Office of Equity and Diversity, along with the Provost and Office Human Resources, is hosting a book club in recognition of Black History Month and the 50th Anniversary of Coeducation at The University of Scranton. 

All faculty and staff are invited to join the Scranton Inclusive Books for Employees club (SCRIBE) in reading "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks." 

Author Rebecca Skloot tells the story of Henrietta Lacks, her family, and the immortal human cell line harvested from this mother of five, a tobacco farmer and descendant of slaves. Author Skloot presents the Lacks’ family story in a compelling examination of human dignity, human rights, and bioethics. 

The club will meet on Tuesday, Feb. 28 at 12 p.m. in the DeNaples Center, Room 405.

Books are provided for participants who register for the discussion/luncheon meeting. A limited number of books/seats remain available. Registration is required.

Register for Spring book club.

Mar. 8: All These Isms: Understanding Privilege, Power, and Oppression

The Office of Equity and Diversity is pleased to announce the upcoming Diversity + Inclusion = A Better U! lunch and learn programs for staff and faculty.

Each event will be held in the Kane Forum, Leahy Hall, Rm. 235 beginning at noon.

Registration is required for each lunch and learn. 

datti-bio-pic-4.jpgMarch 8, "All These Isms: Understanding Privilege, Power, and Oppression" will be presented by Dr. Paul Datti, Professor in Counseling / Human Services. Register for the March 8 event.

  • Learn about "Isms” including racism, sexism, heterosexism, cisgenderism, classism, ableism, and religism.

  • Explore examples of privileges including white, male, straight, cisgender, middle-upper class, ability, and Christian and learn how they create power for some and oppression for others.

  • Recognize the importance of social justice and its significance in Jesuit education, learn ways to promote it, and reduce discrimination and oppression for many.

APR 11: Psychological Safety in Organizations and Classrooms

The Office of Equity and Diversity is pleased to announce the upcoming Diversity + Inclusion = A Better U! lunch and learn programs for staff and faculty.

Each event will be held in the Kane Forum, Leahy Hall, Rm. 235 beginning at noon.

Registration is required for each lunch and learn. 

Ovidiu Cocieru, wearing blue suti and tiew, with blue sky backgroundApril 11, "Psychological Safety in Organizations and Classrooms" will be presented by Dr. Ovidiu Cocieru, Professor in Management and Marketing. Register for April 11 event.

  • Understand why it is important to prioritize psychological safety in teams and classrooms

  • Learn how to create a culture where it’s safe to share ideas and ask questions

  • Use step-by-step frameworks to establish psychological safety

MAY 3: Disruptive Innovation: Inclusive Educational and Community-Based Rehabilitation Practices in Uganda

The Office of Equity and Diversity is pleased to announce the upcoming Diversity + Inclusion = A Better U! lunch and learn programs for staff and faculty.

Each event will be held in the Kane Forum, Leahy Hall, Rm. 235 beginning at noon.

Registration is required for each lunch and learn.

Michael Bermudez in a dark blue suit coat, blue shirt and bowtie,  brown back groundMAY 3, "Disruptive Innovation: Inclusive Educational and Community-Based Rehabilitation Practices in Uganda" will be presented by Dr. Michael Bermudez, Occupational Therapy. Register for May 3 event.

  • Discuss experiences and reflections as a Fulbright US Scholar in the uses of “disruptive innovation”—relatively new technologies, pedagogies, and other “powerful ideas”—as part of learning and research in Uganda

  • Understand implementation of makerspaces and constructionism—learning by building—as part of educational experience in Uganda.

  • Explore experiences and reflections on the creation of community projects for children with disabilities in the marginalized communities of Uganda.

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