Refund Information

Refund Checks are not available for pick up from the Bursar’s Office.

Nelnet Student Choice Refunds is a partnership between the University of Scranton and Nelnet Business Solutions which allows for payment from the University to you to be deposited directly into your bank account.

You will still request your refund from the Bursar’s Office, and your refund will come from Nelnet Business Solutions. Nelnet Student Choice Refunds will deliver those funds into your bank account or mail you a check, depending on the refund method you have selected.

To select your refund method login to the my.scranton portal, on the Student Tab scroll down and click on the “Student Choice Refund” link.  This will automatically log you in to the Nelnet portal.  From there you can select your refund method and add a secondary e-mail address. 

Activating Direct Deposit will allow you to receive your funds within 2-3 days; while opting to receive a paper check could take 7-10 days. You will receive an email when a deposit is made through the Student Choice Refund system.

If you do not select the Direct Deposit option within the Student Choice Refund site, Nelnet Business Solutions will automatically send a paper check to your mailing address.